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Jessica Rhodes: Interview Connections 5 Years Later

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Yes it has been five years since we had Jessica Rhodes from Interview connections on the podcast. Since then Jessica has grown the business to a six and now 7 figure business. How did she do it? Small steps and "grind and grit".

In this episode I reconnect with Jessica , 5 years in between episodes and ask her about some of the business moves she has made like getting a physical office space, partnering with Margy Feldhuhn, and working with female business coaches like Kelly Roach and Ali Brown. Jessica also notes there's a difference between scaling to 7 figures as opposed to 8; it's a different set of strategies to get to 8.

Both Jessica (president) and Margy (CEO) have their own podcasts. You can find Jessica's "Monetize the Mic" here - and Margy's "We Get It, Your Dad Died" here.

There was so much I didn't know about building a company in the podcast space when I first started back in 2016, but simply following Jessica and paying attention to how she operates, I learned a lot. There are about 7 people who I follow like that. It's not unlike listening to your favourite radio performer to hear their show every day - and learn how they connect.

If you are in radio and wondering why you should listen to the show:

(1) Because Jessica got to the top by not worrying about the copy cat competition.

(2) Because you don't have a podcast and should consider guesting on podcasts if you aren't going to podcast.

(3) Even if you have a podcast, learning to be a guest will help you become a better interviewer.

Follow Jessica and everyone at Interview Connections on the Facebook Group


By the way, one of the first things I learned from Jessica is about time management and booking. She turned me on to Once Hub for booking people on to podcasts. So anyone who has ever been on my show was asked to choose their time slot at OnceHub and from there all the details were set out so we could have a chat. I do this for all my meetings now.


Here's Margy Feldhuhn and Jessica Rhodes on why you should be guesting on podcasts.


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