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Lisa Guerrero: Warrior, My Path To Being Brave

Updated: Jan 24

The first time I encountered Lisa Guerrero was on my television in the late 90's when she was on the Best Damn Sports Show Period! I loved how it was a broadcast free-for-all that mixed in sports with pop culture and entertainment. You may have missed some of her other TV appearance as an actress, guest-starring in shows such as Fraiser, The George Lopez Show, and the In The Heat of the Night.

She appeared in studio films like Batman Returns and Moneyball. In 1997, she began as a sports anchor on KCBS-TV and later KTTV. Beyond her time at FOX and her 2003 season with Monday Night Football, Lisa has been an investigative correspondent for Inside Edition since 2006. Lisa was nominated for a Prism Award for her story on the dangers of drinking at sea. She was also nominated for a Genesis Award for her investigation of horse slaughter farms in Florida. Lisa has brought attention to misogyny in the pro sports world as a reporter for Monday Night Football.

Consider this interview to be a prelude to her forthcoming book about her life called Warrior: My Path to Being Brave.


In this episode, Lisa talks about losing her mother at a young age from cancer, and her use of grief and theatre therapies to heal. Her first broadcasting opportunity came when she became the Cheerleader Director for the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons after cheerleading for 4 years for the Los Angeles Rams. She speaks of the challenges facing women in a prominently male workplace, including the criticism she faced for being a model in the Maxim and FHM magazines before being on Monday Night Football, the verbal abuse from her boss, and the anxiety that followed as a result. Therapy worked very well for her, and she realized that she wanted to pursue investigative journalism. Her traumatic experience from Monday Night Football made her, in her words, "more empathetic" and "a better reporter". For the last 15 years, she has been working as a correspondent doing undercover stories and investigative reports on Preacher Kenneth Copeland, Fashion Designer Peter Nygard, anti-mask wearers, and more.


Here is the interview that is discussed in the podcast. Lisa interviews Preacher Kenneth Copeland and experiences some terrible behaviour from him.


Here is an investigative report from Inside Edition in which Lisa appears to interview someone close to Fashion Designer Peter Nygard.


Here is the interview with the anti-mask masker Lisa discussed


As we mentioned on the show, Lisa is an authentic Twitter follow - Connect here on Twitter and Instagram. Here is a Tweet from her days as a Los Angeles Rams Cheerleader. Lisa doesn't hesitate to pull out the throwback pics!

Finally, we could have spoken to Lisa for another hour on everything else that she has done. Did you know that Lisa is a singer-songwriter? The song she recorded with Keith Burns was the result of a bet.

Check out how that all went down below.




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