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Natasha Gargiulo: Hustle & Heart

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

My New Year's resolution is to call more people and speak to them, rather than pretend I know what's going on in their lives because I follow them on Facebook or Instagram. Natasha was my first victim. After 12 years, I spoke with her about her ascension to morning radio in Montreal, her stint working for Entertainment Tonight Canada, her experiences as a mom, and coping with life's unexpected changes. (Including her departure from ET Canada)

One of the true successes of her morning show career is the special relationship she has with Freeway and Lee, and she spoke about that in detail.

We also swapped a few wine suggestions which can be found here:


maddy k inspires cundill

The title of this episode was taken from the project that Natasha started with one of the women she met on that trip to Tuscany. Maddy K is an event architect and business coach, and has teamed up with Natasha to create Women’s Luxury Retreats that empowers, renews and redefines.

Natasha also spoke about Debbie Travis who convinced her to go to Italy and it led to a reboot in her approach to life. Debbie offers those trips on her website and her new book is now available.



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