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Paul Jacobs: What Happened at CES?

Paul and Fred Jacobs start off every year by going to Consumer electronics Show in Las Vegas. It invigorates and really sets the table for the year. The show takes place the first week of January when many are still in their Christmas and New Year's stupor when many are unaware of what day it is.

In this episode, I ask Paul about what he saw at CES and discuss the dash, AI, the future of AM radio, and the future of Public Radio. We also get into the three R's which include radio, retail and recession. Paul has a very steadfast answer for that third one and I can tell you based on what I have seen with travel and the number of houses being renovated on my street - he's right.

Please take the time to check out this webinar from Jacobs Media about what Fred and Paul saw at CES. It's one hour and 7 minutes, and it is designed to show radio people where we may be headed in the future. It will cost you only your email address and you will be rewarded with a daily blog which is also useful. To get an idea of what you can expect, take a peek below at a blog Fred wrote earlier this year about the tech trends he suspected would drive CES this year.

I also was unaware that Sheri Lynch went to CES for the first time. She is a truly forward-thinking broadcaster, and shared her thoughts about what she saw in a lovely blog post on the Jacobs Media website, which you can view by clicking on her photo on the right.

And congrats Sheri on the launch of Truly Weird Stuff.

Hosted by Sheri Lynch, is a podcast about all the inexplicable but very true stories out there.

“I’ve spent my whole life struggling to NOT talk about all the weird things that fascinate me and often make other people uncomfortable, such as reincarnation, near-death experiences, aliens, or the idea that reality is a simulation,” said Lynch. “It’s hard masking so much weird. The True Weird Stuff podcast is where I can bring all the quirky, cryptic, creepy, odd, and just plain weird together in one place and share them with my listeners.”




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