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Fred Jacobs: Catching Up

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

It has been 515 days since we had Fred Jacobs has been on the show. Back then we were unpacking a lot of the surprising results from a Covid induced Tech Survey.

This time we have the benefit of catching up on three pieces of research that I felt needed discussing: The two Tech Survey's for Public Radio and Commercial radio, and the AQ4 Survey which targets air talent.

The fourth instalment of AQ was released at Morning Show Boot Camp in Chicago in August and it is an eye opening piece of research that is riveting for air talent as it allows them to feel a little more connected in the daily battle of content creation in 2022. You can link to the results here. Fred feels that the research is important enough to share with your radio group. If you over see a number of radio stations and need your owner, VP or local decision maker to see the results, Fred has made himself available and you can reach him at +1 248-353-9030. It takes about 45 minutes.

Matt's Hot Take: If the report were about what your clients thought of you, you'd have a copy on the corner of your desk.

Below is the slide I found the most alarming. The number of talent who don't feel they have enough tech skills, social media skills and a solid understanding of new technology and trends.

I experienced the disparity first hand when James Cridland gave his presentation at Canadian Music Week. When describing the effectiveness of the audio editing program Descript, there were a lot of ooooh's and ahhhh's in the audience of radio programmers and executives.

cundill descript

I then went to check my notes and it turns out that I had alerted James Cridland from Podnews, Rob Walch and Elsie Escobar from Libsyn's The Feed, and Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee from The New Media Show back in September of 2019. James Cridland used the tool for his podnews episode the very next day. That seems like an awful long time for that many radio people to be in the dark about a program that more and more podcasters have been using.

A suggestion for radio companies big and small: You need to have someone in charge of Audio Learning and Innovation. Someone in the company needs to be teaching and working with staff on the latest technologies. The industry moves too fast to remain stagnant and your staff is largely out of touch within six months. The same person should also be looking for innovative ways to have audio delivered to your audience. Fred and I talked about his discussion at Canadian Music Week with Tobias Nielsen from Bauer Media who has a subscription radio service. Fred blogged about that discussion here.


Fred and I also talked about their return to the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. Click here to join them.




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