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Paul Jacobs: Stop Selling Radio

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

paul jacobs cundill

That's right. Stop selling radio.

Paul Jacob is the VP/General Manager of Jacob's Media. The Detroit based company is a leader devising strategies for media groups. After having both his brother Fred and Digital Dot Connector, Seth Resler on the show twice, having Paul come on the program was overdue. In this episode we spend time discussing the challenges involved with selling at a radio station in this digital revolution. His solution is rather simple: Stop Selling Radio.

We discuss best practices for implementing new sales strategies, focus on some radio stations doing this right, and get slightly controversial (or innovative?) when it comes to selling podcasts. Radio may be going about it all wrong.


Paul received the coveted Rockwell Award at this year's Conclave in Minneapolis. Cam Clark and Tyler Glen from the Westcom stations in Brandon asked Paul for a copy of the speech. Turns out they weren't the only ones. Fred Jacob's saved us all a copy of the speech and posted it.


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